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Burwash Landing

One of the oldest settlements in the Yukon, a trading post was established in 1904 and a lodge for highway travellers in 1944. Activities include self-guided walking tours, hiking trails and the Kluane Museum of Natural History.

Burwash Landing is a small community, at historical mile 1093 on the Alaska Highway, in Yukon, Canada along the southern shore of Kluane Lake.

The present location of Burwash Landing was first used as a summer camp by the Southern Tutchone Athabascans until a trading post was built in the early 1900s by the Jacquot brothers.

At the 2011 census, the population was 95, an increase of 30.1% over the 2006 census. The majority of the population are Aboriginal peoples, First Nations. The community is the administrative centre of the Kluane First Nation. In addition to the Alaska Highway, the community is served by the Burwash Airport.

It is the home of the Kluane Museum of Natural History and the Kluane First Nation, and also home to the world’s largest gold pan.

Burwash landing is the traditional home of the Southern Tutchone Athabascans. It used to be a summer camp. A revival of the Southern Tutchone language and culture has been taking place in this quiet lakeside community. This is readily apparent to visitors when they pull into town and are met with Southern Tutchone street and traffic signs, within and nearby Burwash Landing. Several prominent geographic features have been renamed in Southern Tutchone and signs can be seen along the Alaska (Alcan) Highway.

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