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Hinton – gateway to Jasper National Park. As well as being a service and supply town for the mountain resorts, Hinton has developed its own tourism industry and is known for offering access to a multitude of recreational opportunities. 

Hinton lies in the Alberta Plateau Benchlands physiographic subdivision of the Interior Plains. Soils around town are influenced by deposits of carbonate-rich, wind-blown sand and silt which usually have surface textures of loam, sandy loam or silt loam. They are moderately alkaline, in contrast to the varying, mostly moderate acidity which prevails beyond the zone of calcareous aeolian material.

Hinton is one of two staging areas for expeditions in the Willmore Wilderness Park, the other being Grande Cache.

Nature lovers are drawn to Hinton to visit the Beaver Boardwalk, a 3 kilometer walk where they can see beavers and other wildlife.

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