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Vanderhoof (population: 4,480) is the Geographical Centre of British Columbia.  Visitors here enjoy peaceful views of rolling agricultural hills close to town, along with enticing nearby forests, lakes, creeks, and rivers a little farther out. With four distinct seasons, there are many entertaining activities to experience in and around Vanderhoof.

Tourism is growing, but has yet to challenge any of the established industries. Mining is growing in importance, with a number of mines being developed in the area.

Vanderhoof is known for its bird sanctuary along the Nechako River. Many Canada Geese, swans, and other migratory birds pass through Vanderhoof during their annual migration. The Nechako is home to a number of fish species, including salmon and sturgeon. Many hunters come to Vanderhoof in search of bear, moose, deer, cougar, and elk.

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