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A prime resource of information for the visitors travelling to Northeastern British Columbia and through to the Yukon and Alaska!

This indispensable annual guide and lure piece will encourage travel to your community and business as travelers plan their ultimate Alaska Highway Experience.

Print Edition

The perfect advertising venue for your business!

The Alaska Highway Historical Journey aids the traveller in their adventurous journey on the famous Alasa Highway.

The guide includes where to stop along the way, travel tips, points of interst and tells the story of the intriguing history of the Alaska Highway and the area’s rich pioneering spirit.

40,000 COPIES!

This FREE Travel Guide is supported by a substantial distribution program.

Copies are distributed to the following:

  • Visitor and Information centers in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon & Alaska
  • Local Participating Businesses
  • Hotels, Campground, Airports
  • Digitally via our website and partners

Online Edition

The Alaska Highway Historical Journey is also available for download and digital viewing! 

We provide our guide to online users free of charge – including our translated editions. Every advertisement is duplicated in our digital edition, ensuring you can reach even further with your marketing.

We also provide various options for including your advertisement here on our new website. Be sure to contact us today to learn more about the opportunities available to you as a partner of the Alaska Highway Historical Journey.


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