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Tumbler Ridge

Waterfall Capital of the North

Tumbler Ridge is home to the Tumbler Ridge United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) Global Geopark. Made up of 34 accessible geosites across 21 destination areas of geological and aesthetic interest, Tumbler Ridge is a dream destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Here in the Waterfall Capital of the North, mother nature has carved out dozens of waterfalls from roadside falls to secluded cascades. Our most famous, Kinuseo Falls, which is taller than Niagara Falls (60 m) is located 63 km from Tumbler Ridge on the Murray River in breathtaking Monkman Provincial Park. Vehicle access is by the Kinuseo Falls Road (formally known as Murray River Forest Service Road). View the falls from the vehicle and wheelchair accessible viewing platform, from the variety of trails ranging from easy to challenging, or by helicopter or from the river via jetboat.

Tumbler Ridge is an off-road vehicle rider’s paradise with no shortage of ATV trails. There are hundreds of kilometres of marked and unmarked trails with plenty of enjoyment for beginners and expert riders.

The destination of choice for Peace Region snowmobilers – Tumbler Ridge’s untouched powder and a long, deep-snow season in the foothills of the Rockies provide some of the finest riding in the country.

Check out this video from the people at Destination BC of rock climbing in Tumbler Ridge




Tumbler Ridge is home to the second UNESCO Global Geopark (tumblerridgegeopark.ca) in North America! Explore our network of 50 signed and designated hiking trails. Hiking trails ranging from easy to challenging lead to alpine peaks, thundering waterfalls, ancient dinosaur trackways, other-worldly geological formations, mysterious caves, spring meadows ablaze with wildflowers, and tranquil pine forests, where wildlife is an essential part of the scenery.  Get out and enjoy the crisp mountain air, sunny skies and pristine landscapes of our winter wonderland. You may even be treated to the sight of the Aurora Borealis dancing across the night sky.

There is an outdoor geo-experience for everyone, with activities ranging from guided hikes and rock climbing in the summer to ice climbing a waterfall, snowshoeing through rock towers or skiing a creek in the winter.  The Murray River is fantastic for paddling or riverboating. The river is graded as a Class 2 with flat sections interrupted by gentle rapids. There is a boat launch 1 km south of town on Highway 29, and riverboat tours are available upstream to Kinuseo Falls or downstream through the Painted Canyon.


Several incredible dinosaur finds have been made since 2000 when two boys first discovered dinosaur footprints by Flatbed Creek south of town. Visit the Dinosaur Discovery Gallery to experience 300 million years of northeast BC history including marine life, ancient vegetation, and dinosaur bones and footprints! Internationally significant prehistoric discoveries continue to be made every year, many by visitors to Tumbler Ridge! Additional museum exhibits are located in our Community Centre.


Summer tours are offered at two sites via hiking trails: the Flatbed tracksite and the Wolverine River tracksite. Each tour takes about two hours. One unique feature is the Wolverine River lantern night tour – nothing like it is offered anywhere else in the world. The low angled lantern light brings out footprints which are hardly visible by day.

The ambience is ethereal with the Wolverine River rushing by and the soundtrack of nature “playing in the background”!

TO BOOK A TOUR CALL: 250-242-DINO [3466]


Virtually undiscovered, this park is 32,000 hectares of wilderness containing abundant wildlife, wildflower meadows, mountain glaciers and lakes, as well as Kinuseo Falls. Set up camp in the
42 unit Kinuseo Falls Campground with RV pull thru and tent sites, and a picnic shelter. Trails to the Stone Corral and Canary Falls are relatively close to the campsite. RV drivers should inquire about road conditions before making the journey.

For those visitors looking for a wilderness adventure, a trail from the campground directs you into the heart of Monkman Provincial Park where backcountry campsites are located approximately every 7 km along the trail. The trail to Monkman Lake runs parallel to the most spectacular feature of the park – the Monkman Cascades, a series of ten spectacular waterfalls along Monkman Creek.


The incredible landscape that surrounds Tumbler Ridge makes it a dream destination for anyone looking to explore the outdoors with ATV’s, Dirtbikes, Snowmobiles, or other motorized vehicles.

In the summer, the hundreds of kilometers of marked and unmarked ATV trails will offer plenty of enjoyment for beginners or expert riders. There are cut lines, power lines, pipe lines, forestry roads and mountain top trails for you to ride that have numerous unparalleled views that will take your breath away.

Tumbler Ridge remains a destination of choice for Peace Region Snowmobilers, known for untouched powder and a long, deep snow season in the foothills of the Rockies. Tumbler Ridge provides some of the finest riding in the country. The heart-pounding slopes and wide-open spaces—all cloaked in a thick layer of glistening white—offer endless riding possibilities.


This nine hole par 36 public golf course features tranquility, magnificent views and outstanding conditions. The facility is complete with a pro shop, driving range, putting green, outdoor patio and a full service restaurant.


45 km northwest of Tumbler Ridge on Highway 29, and open from May-October, 50 vehicle/tent campsites. Many campsites back onto the lake for a breathtaking view of the lake and mountains.

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